Lloyd's Christmassacre

by What's For Dinner?

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To hell with ancient rituals and all your acts of kindness
Christmas comes but once a year, but this time I will stop it

Santa, Rudolph and the elves too, carols, presents and this damned food
Burnt to ashes, to the ground, his workshop never will be found

Let’s begin this mindless slaughter, the elves are next and soon their father
Cutting, slashing, stabbing,
Amputating, mutilating

I will never rest until you’re dead
I will never rest until you’re dead

This curse of wretched Christmas cheer will end before the children wake
Their tears of blood, pouring down their cheeks
They weep pathetically as all their precious Christmas treats
Are gone, nowhere to be seen
Their precious Santa’s dead, a serial killer’s wet dream!

What’s Christmas really about?

The slaves of enslaved consumers shall now be consumed,
And bring to an end, the lies of material fulfillment
Tradition shall be raped, and reverted to awakening
The sickening stench of mystic bile, burned into the senses of the deceived
Ignorant happiness is torn to shreds as blind consciousness is ripped wide open
Santa's rotting orifices are exposed and tortured as I disgrace every last remain of him


released December 25, 2013
Featuring: Matt "Norman" Watkins and Brandon Kennedy.



all rights reserved


What's For Dinner? Stockholm, Sweden

We are a band, we like to eat DINNER.

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